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Little Spotted Kiwi (kiwi-pukupuku), Brown Kiwi (tokoeka), with a kiwi egg. Trap door spider (pungakarirua) crawling up the edge.


Fantails (piwakawaka) nesting amongst manuka tree. Katipo spider.


Little Blue Penguins (korora) on the rocky shore. Anchovies swimming beneath.

Little Blue Penguins

Weta crawling on a tree fern (ponga).


Tui sitting on a kowhai branch.

Full Colour is $38.00

Tui Kai

Tuatara in the grass with a green tree gecko (Kakariki) crawling down.

Tuatara & Gecko

Pukekos in the swamp amongst the bullrushes (wiwi). NZ Giant dragonfly on the side.

Pukeko swamp

Wax-eyes also known as silvereyes (tauhou) on the flax flowers (Haraheke).

California Quails

Moreporks (Ruru) One sitting on the branch watching while another swoops down for his prey (kiore).

Kererus (Wood pigeon) eating berries from the karaka tree with a caterpillar hiding.



Sport & Transport

Deep sea fishing off a boat catching a king fish while a marlin leaps in front.

Big catch

Deer hiding by tree, rabbit, goat on the rocks, hunter taking aim with a boar coming up behind on a fallen tree stump.

The hunter

Loader picking up letter rocks with a Truck tipping rocks out in the shape of the words “rocks”

Loader and Tipper

Steam engine with coal cart, passenger carriage (put a photo behind to make it look like you are in the carriage), log cart and caboose.

Steam Chuga

Footballers trying for a goal, goalie saves the ball, boot on the side.

Football action

Rugby boot and ball with New Zealand markings.

Rugby time

Tall ships with a lowered anchor on a chain.

Tall ships

Bi-plane and warplane souring through the clouds.

Flying high

Skateboarders performing on a ramp and rail.

Ballet dancers performing with a ribbon. Pair of ballet shoes at the side. You can put glitter onto the shoes or tutu.

Crane lowering beams onto building structure. Digger excavating.

Motocross bikes racing through the dirt with a helmet at the side. Thirst 4 dirt written on helmet.




Thirst 4 Dirt

Fun & Fantasy

Fairies playing with the butterfly amongst the toadstools, buttercups and blue bells.

Fairy garden

Mermaid sitting on a rock with her dolphin and water creatures (seahorse, angel fish, starfish, crab and tuna).

Mermaid’s friends

Prince and Princess riding horses outside the castle. Victorian flowers on vine at side.

Royal Ride

Princess Castle. Fantasy castle with princess, unicorn and butterflies on flower vine down the side.

Princess castle

Dragon’s tale. Knight on his horse defending the medieval castle from a dragon.

Dragon’s tale

Animated Sabre Tooth climbing, Mammoth, Pterodactyl, volcano and a stegosaurus.

Dino world

Santa in steam engine. Cart with sack & presents, merry xmas cart. Teddy in the passenger carriage and candy swirl wheels.

Full colour is $38.00

Santa Express

Cat climbing the table cloth. Kitten playing with ball of wool. Kitten watching the goldfish in the bowl.

Playful kittens

Domestic & Livestock

Farmer, sheep running a muck, border collie stand off with the ram.

Farmer riding quad bike checking on his dairy cows (Friesian) grazing.

Sheep Farmer

Cows grazing

Horses grazing while a jumper leaps the fence.

Horse tails

Dog’s Life

Native & Wildlife

Rottweiler taking a gamble with cat on a trash can. Doberman howling, spaniel and retriever bringing the paper, German Shepherd climbing the fence.

Door Topper

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Dragons Nest

Dragon watching over nest. Baby dragon hatching in crystal cave.

Dragons Fury

Dragon flying with another ready to attack.

Trail Blazer

Two mountain bikers reaching peak point.

‘69 Camaro RS

1969 Camaro RS with Chevrolet logo.


Three California Quails walking & resting.

‘32 Ford Roadster

1932 Ford Roadster with logo

‘69 Mustang

1969 Mustang with mustang logo.

More vehicles to come…  57 Chevy, F100, Corvette,  Harley….

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Pecking order

Rooster watching hen & chicks.

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Door Toppers sit on your door frame.

Price: Black or 1 colour is $30.00 each

Spot colour or full colour options are priced below item

ANZAC Soldiers with GSD leading the way. Mountie on waler horse with coloured poppy at the side.

Spot colour is $32.00

Stockman on a horse with herding dog driving Angus beef cattle.

Lest we forget

Cattle drive

Logging truck

Rescue Code 1

Truck with double trailer of logs.

Ambulance with rescue helicopter, patient and paramedic. First aid symbol with helping hand at side.

Tractor Power

Old John Deere pulling a new Massey Fergusson up the hill.