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Above shows our process to produce 100% NZ made unique products. We start by researching our subjects, taking photos, creating sketches, then transferring them into a digital illustration, proof removal cuts & connections, trial cut to check balance distribution & cuts, make any adjustments and cut final product out of MDF, sand, paint and package.

These are versatile. If you decide you want to move the Topper to another area and want to hang it on the opposite side to previously - you can. The only exceptions are designs which contain lettering or numbers.

You can purchase in black, a single colour (see below), or colour it yourself to match your colour scheme. Either side can be painted. A few designs are in full colour.  

Paint it in full colour

using acrylic paints, it looks great!

Some have used permanent markers

to colour the natural side with a

great result.

Research & Sketch Phase

View our designs by selecting a category

Door Toppers

Switch Toppers

Door Toppers

Eye catching Door Toppers sit on the architrave (door frame) drawing attention to your room.

These are detailed silhouette scenes with interior pieces removed to give more impact than a basic outline. These are available in black or one colour.

Switch Toppers

Switch Toppers are a smaller version on one particular item which sit on your light switch covers. These subtly add interest to your wall. These are available in black, one colour and some designs in full colour. Please see designs to view your options.














These are sample colours and close to the colour options we have available. Real product colour may vary slightly and colours should be taken as an indication reference.

Custom Designs

We also create personalised design work for Wall Art or Toppers.  If you want something personalised just contact us to discuss.


The cover indicates what is within the scene (e.g. Pukekos, bullrushes & Giant Dragonfly), where it can be placed and the options to colour. This helps tourists identify our flora and fauna and clearly shows where to place.

Toppers are packaged with Corflute which ensures it is protected but still light weight for posting.


Door Toppers and Switch Toppers sit comfortably in place, but we do suggest a small dot of blu-tack/power tack on the back to keep it safe and secure.

Wall Art is larger and a little heavier therefore mounting tape or frame mounts are best to keep it secure.

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